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<tc>ALBA DIY garbage bin box anthracite, for 3 bins</tc>

<tc>ALBA DIY garbage bin box anthracite, for 3 bins</tc>

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ALBA garbage bin box anthracite for 3 bins

Discover the high quality ALBA DIY garbage bin box. The perfect solution to store your garbage bins safely and in style. Our 3 wheelie bin box gives you the space you need to hide your wheelie bins and beautify your outdoor space at the same time. 

Delivery time currently "approx. 10-12 weeks"

Product information "3-piece DIY stainless steel garbage bin box with folding roof"

Our inexpensive garbage bin boxes from the DIY range offer design and comfort at the lowest price. Hide your unsightly wheelie bins in this beautiful garbage bin box - this will make your outdoor area a real highlight. 

Garbage bin boxes: design meets comfort

Our garbage bin boxes not only offer an attractive design, but also maximum convenience when disposing of waste. The boxes are weather-resistant and durable, so you can count on years of dependability. With a convenient folding roof, they are easy to use and offer you convenient one-handed operation. 

Product features:

  • Design & comfort "Made in Bavaria"
  • Top price performance
  • Weather resistant and durable
  • Robust galvanised material with high-quality powder coating
  • Convenient waste disposal through folding roof
  • Comfortable one-hand operation
  • Exhibited in the model park

Technical data:

Garbage bin size

240 + 120 liters


196 cm






approx. 72kg


Size and dimensions

Our ALBA garbage bin box is available in a size of 196 x 80 x 116 cm and offers space for three garbage bins with a capacity of 240 litres each. If you have larger or smaller wheelie bins, we also offer other size options to suit your needs. 


The garbage bin box is made of galvanised steel. The galvanising makes the material corrosion-resistant and resistant to the formation of rust and the effects of the weather. 

The garbage bin box is also given a textured powder coating in anthracite grey. The high-quality powder coating not only gives the bin box its elegant look, but also a very valuable feel. In addition, the powder coating is scratch-resistant. 

The doors, side and rear panels are 1mm thick and are mounted on a sturdy frame to ensure a perfect shape and solid finish.


The ALBA garbage bin box anthracite 3-piece model is available in the timeless colour anthracite. The elegant design fits perfectly into any environment and ensures a stylish and tidy outdoor area. 

Product properties:

The DIY garbage bin box with folding roof has a semicircular stainless steel handle for easy opening and closing of the hinged lid. Each door is also equipped with a toggle handle made of stainless steel, which can be locked as standard. This is only available with MyMülltonne, standard protection against vandalism and use of your garbage bins by unauthorised persons. 

A level surface is a prerequisite for a suitable location. Small unevenness in the floor up to a maximum of 1.5 cm can be compensated for by using pads.

ALBA anthrazit 3er Mülltonnenbox

In order to ensure perfect alignment of the entire garbage bin box, the door hinges should alternate between right/left and be mounted left/right. An exact alignment of the garbage bin box is necessary so that the gap dimensions are balanced, all elements are flush and the doors can close properly. 

Customer service and result guarantee

Our goal is to always provide you with the best waste disposal results. We not only offer high-quality products, but also first-class customer service. Our team is at your disposal for all questions and concerns and will ensure that you find the optimal solution for your waste disposal. We guarantee you the best results and satisfaction with our products and service.

Floor attachment:

The garbage bin box has a base plate with pre-drilled holes on the front and back for floor mounting. The included wall plugs and screws allow you to conveniently attach the box to either side, ensuring it stays firmly in place in strong winds or other weather conditions. 

Terms of delivery:

The delivery is made by a forwarding agent and is free of charge within Germany (mainland). The garbage bin box is delivered to the curb (passable area). The delivery date will be communicated to you by e-mail before the delivery. 

Delivery condition & assembly:

The garbage bin box is delivered on a pallet as a kit (disassembled) for easy self-assembly. All stainless steel sheets are polished on the visible side to protect them from scratches. This film must be removed from the corners before assembly. The delivery pallet will not be taken back. Assembly instructions and mounting material are included in the scope of delivery. 

You do not need any special tools or knowledge to assemble the dustbin box. All necessary assembly materials and detailed assembly instructions are included in the scope of delivery. ALBA anthrazit 3er MülltonnenboxPlease check the garbage bin box for scratches and damage BEFORE assembly! After assembly, complaints regarding scratches and dents are no longer possible. 

If your delivery address is in the Munich or Augsburg area, you can order our in-house DIY assembly service with your order.

If your delivery address is outside of Bavaria and you do not want to carry out the assembly yourself, we recommend having a craftsman service carry out the assembly on site.

This item is made to order. Please understand that this product cannot be exchanged or canceled.

The assembly is recommended with 2 people. The construction time is approx. 1.5 - 2.0 hours.

Installation instructions

The advantages of our 3 bin box

Our ALBA garbage bin box offers numerous advantages for hygienic and aesthetically pleasing waste disposal. Here are some of the key benefits at a glance:

  • Security and protection: The wheelie bin boxes offer secure and vandalism-proof storage for your wheelie bins without them getting in the way or affecting the look.
  • Weather resistance: The high-quality materials and the robust metal are durable and resistant to weather influences and rusting.
  • Aesthetics: The modern design blends perfectly into any environment and gives your outdoor area an attractive look.
  • Comfort: The folding roof enables easy handling and hygienic waste disposal.
  • Matching accessories: We offer matching accessories for the garbage can boxes to increase functionality and comfort.

Optimum protection for your garbage bins

The ALBA garbage bin box anthracite for 3 bins is the perfect solution for everyone who wants to store their garbage bins safely and stylishly. Our high-quality wheelie bin boxes offer a wide range of advantages, including an attractive design, the highest quality and maximum convenience when disposing of waste. With the possibility of choosing different colours and sizes and optionally using our assembly service, we offer our customers a flexible solution for their waste disposal. 

Discover our bin boxes today and protect your bins from the weather and vandalism!

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