1. How long will it take to receive my product?

The delivery time depends on the demand and the product.

PREMIUM garbage can boxes: Since we currently have a very high demand, but of course continue to produce by hand and not from the "assembly line", the delivery time is about 8-10 weeks. Please understand that we cannot set any fixed delivery dates in advance, as we are of course also dependent on production and shipping.

DIY bin boxes: as specified on the product page. Most products are immediately available from stock.

PLANTERS: Custom-made products have a delivery time of approx. 2-3 weeks.
The standard planters that go with the PREMIUM wheelie bin boxes are mostly available from stock.

2. What shipping costs do I have to pay?

It depends on the product you want to buy. We deliver our rubbish bin boxes free of shipping costs. Individual planters are supplied for €45. If you order the box and planter together, delivery is free.

3. In which colors can I order my PREMIUM bin box?

You can have your box coated in any "RAL color" (standard color). We offer the powder-coated boxes in our three standard colors RAL 9006, RAL 7016 and RAL DB 703. Of course, you can also have the box coated in any other RAL color for an additional charge!

4. I have received my PREMIUM box and can see welding seams and grinding marks.

Since we manufacture our products by hand, it can of course happen that welds or grinding marks can be seen. Each box is unique and is not "0815" machine-made on the assembly line. We are proud of that! Details on our production processes and the materials used can be found in our terms and conditions under point 16.

5. Do I have to build my box myself?

PREMIUM: No, our premium boxes come to you fully assembled and ready to use! All you have to do is put them where you want them, but that's no problem with a few helpful neighbors 😊

Our DIY (do-it-yourself) collection needs to be assembled. The assembly of these boxes takes about 2 hours and is best done with two people.

6. What is the process after payment? How do I know when my box will arrive?

You will receive a notification from us when the wheelie bin cladding, plant tub, bicycle garage or waste container cladding is ready for dispatch. The shipping company will contact you by phone to arrange a delivery date!

The garbage can box is delivered free to the curb by the freight forwarder with a pallet truck and lifting platform. You are then responsible for unpacking, setting up at the desired location and disposing of the pallet. Please check the goods IMMEDIATELY upon receipt for any transport damage! These must be noted by the carrier on the delivery note and documented by you with a photo. No liability can be assumed for later complaints.