10 year guarantee My wheelie bin

10 Jahre Garantier von My MülltonneWarranty declaration of My Mülltonne, Sana Design GmbH, Kirchstraße 12, 85235 Odelzhausen

Sana Design GmbH, Kirchstrasse 12, 85235 Odelzhausen, hereinafter "manufacturer"

Territorial scope:
European Union

Content of the guarantee:
The guarantee applies exclusively to products that the manufacturer offers and sells under its "MyMülltonne" brand and that are purchased by a consumer living in the area of ​​validity (hereinafter referred to as "the Customer") purchased from the manufacturer via their online shop https://my-muelltonne.com. Products from other manufacturers are not covered by the guarantee. The guarantee is valid for orders from 01/01/2022.

The manufacturer grants the customer a guarantee against rusting through of the product for a period of ten years from handover to the customer in accordance with the following provisions. In the event of a warranty claim, the manufacturer will, at its own discretion, remedy the defect at its own expense by repairing or supplying new or refurbished parts. Replaced parts become the property of the manufacturer.

Other claims by the customer are not covered by this guarantee.

Exclusion of guarantee
Claims from this guarantee only exist if

    • the product does not show any characteristics that suggest repairs or other interventions by workshops not authorized by the manufacturer,
    • the product does not show any damage or signs of wear and tear caused by use that differs from normal use and the manufacturer's specifications,
On the other hand, there are no claims under this guarantee for corrosion damage caused by rust film,
  • in the event of corrosion damage caused by flash rust,
  • in the event of damage caused by mechanical influences (in particular vandalism) and/or
  • if the care and usage instructions provided by the manufacturer have not been observed or installations on or with the product have been carried out incorrectly.

Using the guarantee
In the event of a guarantee, please contact us by e-mail info@my-muelltonne.com or by post to the address given above, stating the invoice or order number and a description as well as image material for the complaint. In the case of a warranty claim, we will send you a return label for a product that can be sent by parcel post, which you can use to send the goods to us. If the goods cannot be sent as a parcel, we will arrange for them to be picked up by a forwarding agent in consultation with you. We will ship the repaired goods or deliver new or refurbished parts to you at our expense.

Statutory defect rights, free of charge:
In the event of defects, the customer has the statutory rights. Claiming the customer's statutory rights in the event of defects is free of charge. This warranty does not limit those rights.

Applicability of German law:
German law applies to the exclusion of German international private law and the UN Sales Convention.