Collection: <tc>DIY garbage bin boxes with wood optic</tc>

The inexpensive garbage can boxes from the DIY series offer design and comfort at the lowest price.

Hide your unsightly rubbish bins in this beautiful rubbish bin box - this will turn your outdoor area into a real highlight. The side parts and the roof of the DIY garbage can box in nut look are made of a permanently welded frame construction, which creates twice the stability and less assembly work.

The garbage can box is made of galvanized steel. The galvanizing makes the material resistant to corrosion and resistantto rusting and the effects of the weather.

In addition, the garbage can box has a powder coating with structure in the color anthracite grey. The high-quality powder coating not only gives the garbage can box its noble look, but also a very valuable one feel. In addition, the powder coating is scratch-resistant.

Side and roof construction are made of a fully welded frame construction for extra stability (DIY wood and Champion only).