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We offer you modern, high-quality garbage can boxes and garbage container covers, as well as planters for your garbage cans.
The designer piece for your home.

PREMIUM series: Hand-welded locksmith work of the highest quality at an excellent price-performance ratio.
Make your entrance area an attractive place - the first impression counts!

All of our metal garbage can boxes are carefully welded from robust steel and sheet steel and then dipped in a zinc tank or NOW NEW! then industrially powder-coated.
They are therefore ideal for outdoor use and very durable thanks to the excellent workmanship.

Whether it's a garbage can box, garbage can cladding for garbage containers, bicycle boxes, e-bike garages, grill boxes, metal garbage can housings, a great variant with a wooden rhombus in larch or thermal pine - you're sure to find what you're looking for with us.

DIY series: We manufacture our entry-level models in the DIY series exclusively with galvanized sheet metal and powder coating or stainless steel.

All of our garbage can boxes and our other products are made with a lot of passion and careful manual work! Each box is unique! It is therefore quite clear that there are also traces of welding, grinding and hot-dip galvanizing on them - robust quality made by hand!

Materials and Care

So that you can enjoy your garbage can box for a long time, you will find information about the materials used and helpful tips for the care and maintenance of the products here.

Steel galvanized (hot-dip galvanizing)

The steel is hot-dip galvanized using the precast process (DIN EN ISO 1461). This process ensures decades of protection against weathering and rust. The zinc is responsible for this corrosion protection. Zinc is a "base" metal with a high tendency to corrode. The first corrosion caused by the zinc on the surface protects the steel from rusting. All these steel parts of our metal wheelie bin boxes are galvanized with GSB International quality assurance!

Powder coating

Powder coating is basically an industrially applied coating and should not be compared to painting in body construction. The standard regulations of the GSB international (www. gsb-international. de) provide that the coating of the surface for outdoor components in diffuse, natural daylight must be observed vertically from a distance of 5 m without any aids.

Anything that cannot be seen from this viewing distance does not represent a defect in the coating. Irregularities in the background of the hot-dip galvanized surface are of no importance for the assessment of the coating quality and therefore do not represent a defect. Furthermore, powder coating can lead to outgassing due to the process (due to the Si content of the steel). The use of powder coatings with a high degree of gloss particularly emphasizes the irregular surface of the hot-dip galvanizing.


Wood is and will remain a natural product. Each piece has its own look, character and vibrancy. Its natural properties, deviations and characteristics must therefore always be observed. In particular, the buyer must consider its biological, physical and chemical properties when purchasing and using it. The range of natural colour, structure and other differences within a type of wood does not constitute any reason for complaint or liability. Defects in the wood and any changes in shape are natural and give no reason for complaint. Wood can form cracks, can resinify, can discolour and dry knots can fall out. These reasons also give no reason for complaints. Extreme weather conditions, especially after long periods of warm weather, can cause drying cracks to form in the wood. These cracks do not affect the strength and resilience of the wood. Changes in wood moisture content can also result in slight changes in the dimensional accuracy of the wood. All of these effects are properties of the wood material that cannot be influenced and can therefore not be a reason for complaint.


Dipped galvanized products

As described above, the material provides optimal rust protection all by itself. This steel therefore does not require any special care. Water jet devices can be used for cleaning.

Powder coated products

Powder coated metal parts should be cleaned 1-2 times a year. Use a soft, clean sponge and clear water (if necessary with the addition of a plastic cleaner). If the garbage can box is under trees or near salt-spread roads, the box should be cleaned more often.

Wood Products

In order to ensure a long service life of the material of approx. 25 years, we recommend treating the wood with wood oil once a year.

Locks and pivot points of the doors

Care: Closure systems such as hinges, magnets, gas pressure springs of garbage can boxes should be treated 1-3 times a year with acid-free silicone or Teflon-based spray oil or with grease. To prevent the closures from freezing in winter, this care is particularly important during the frosty period.