Plant tubs for rubbish bin boxes - custom-made to order

Collection: Plant tubs for rubbish bin boxes - custom-made to order

The planting of your rubbish bin box is not just a optical highlight, it also ensures that the sun's rays are kept out and the rubbish bins underneath cannot heat up as much. This also reduces unpleasant odors.

We currently offer zinc sheet, aluminum sheet and stainless steel as a basis for production. We not only manufacture garbage can boxes for the MyMülltonne, but also a suitable plant roof for your existing garbage can house, whether concrete, metal, stainless steel or wood.

Individually in the dimensions and materials you require.

Benefits of plants in your bin liner?

  • Plants can help reduce unpleasant odors coming from garbage cans
  • You can help improve the air quality around you by producing oxygen
  • Plants can also serve as a natural privacy screen and make your bin boxes less conspicuous

Plant tub - visually appealing and functional

Our plant tubs consist of a plant bowl, which is available in different materials and sizes. So you can easily find the perfect size for your bin liner. The plant trays are placed on the frame of the garbage can box and offer space for planting or greening. Your garbage can box is guaranteed to be a real eye-catcher.

A little tip:
When planting in the plant tub, you should make sure to use a sufficient amount of soil and nutrients to ensure healthy growth of the plants support financially.

Our plant trays not only offer a visual enhancement to your rubbish bin box, but also protection from the sun's rays. The plants on the bin box reflect the sun's rays and thus reduce the heating of the bin box. This also prevents unpleasant odors from forming.

More advantages of our planters

  • They are available in different sizes and materials, including stainless steel and aluminium
  • The integrated water drain prevents backwater and unpleasant odors
  • You can optionally have your planters made to measure as a special order
  • We pay attention to high-quality processing

More details about our planters

Drainage mat for plant roof made to measure

A drainage mat for your garbage can box allows you to customize your planter. We take into account the exact dimensions of your garbage can box and adjust the vegetation mat accordingly. An optimal water supply of the planting tub is thus guaranteed. If you have a two-part plant roof, you will also need two drainage mats.

Plant roof zinc

The zinc plant roof is a visual highlight for your garbage can box or bicycle box. It protects against solar radiation, regulates the temperature inside the box and prevents unpleasant odours.

An 8 cm deep planting tray is placed on the frame of the garbage can box. The plant roof is equipped with a water drain to prevent the water from accumulating on the garbage can box.

For an optimal supply of water and nutrients to the plants, a vegetation mat should be laid before planting.

Plant cover ALU colour-coated

Our plant roofs made of zinc sheet or aluminum sheet are manufactured to match the models of the garbage can boxes or bicycle boxes. The plant roof protects against solar radiation and thus regulates the temperature inside the garbage can box.

Unpleasant odors are also reduced. An 8 cm deep planting tray is placed on the frame of the garbage can box. The roof is equipped with a water drain so that the water does not accumulate on the garbage can box. The planting tray protrudes slightly to the rear, and the water drain is located at this protrusion.

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