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Stone garbage bin box

➡️ MyMülltonne meets Stein ⬅️ - Welcome to our page for exclusive garbage bin boxes made of stone. Here you will find a selection of elegant and high-quality wheelie bin cladding that will beautify your garden and at the same time keep it tidy.

We used the time between the years for further innovations. MyMülltonne in a super noble combination with real granite - unsurpassable in terms of exclusivity. We select the most beautiful stone slabs from the stonemason, they are cut to size and we process them further to create this absolutely unique composition.

As the only manufacturer on the market for your home - because we love what we do! Each garbage bin box is a one-off - a real one-off. 

Transform your entrance area into nobility with our new stone bin box - the designer piece for your home.

The exclusive solution: stone garbage bin box 

mülltonnenbox stein

Discover our exclusive stone bin boxes and give your house and outdoor area that certain something. With our stone bin box, we offer you an extraordinary product that combines functionality and aesthetics at the highest level.

Stone bin boxes: The highlight for your garden

Why should you choose a stone bin liner? Here are some compelling arguments:

  • High-quality materials: granite, steel and exposed concrete
  • Different sizes and variants for every need
  • Unique Themes and Colours
  • Weather resistant and durable
  • Easy handling and Care
  • Suitable for all common wheelie bins

Materials and processing: quality that convinces

Our stone wheelie bin boxes consist of a combination of robust steel and elegant granite. These materials offer many benefits:

Durability: Stone and steel defy the elements and last for years

The use of granite and steel in our wheelie bin boxes ensures high durability. These materials are:

  • Weather resistant: They withstand rain, frost, heat and UV radiation
  • Corrosion resistant: Steel construction is hot dip galvanised and powder coated to prevent rusting
  • Easy-care: Stone and steel require little care and retain their attractive appearance for a long time

Stability: The solid construction protects your garbage bins from vandalism and tipping over

A solid construction is crucial for a functional and stable wheelie bin box. Our stone garbage bin liners offer:

  • Sturdy steel frames: They provide stability and prevent the box from tipping over or being easily damaged
  • Reinforced Doors: The doors feature a real stone composition that provides additional strength and resistance to vandalism
  • Heavy dead weight: The weight of the stone garbage bin box contributes to stability and makes unauthorised moving or theft more difficult

Optics: The elegant look of the stone cladding upgrades your outdoor area

The combination of steel and granite gives our garbage bin boxes an exclusive look that enhances your home:

  • Noble granite slab: The selected stone slabs give each bin box a unique and high-quality look
  • Colour options: Our stone wheelie bin boxes are available in different colours, so you can choose the right box for your garden and house style
  • Timeless design: The simple elegance of the stone garbage bin boxes blends harmoniously into different garden and house styles

Variants of the stone garbage bin box: size and volume

mülltonnenbox stein

Depending on your needs, we offer different sizes and variants of our stone garbage bin boxes:

  • 2 bin box 240 liters: ideal for smaller households with two bins
    • Dimensions: 1375 x 830 x 1260mm
    • Weight: approx. 200kg
  • 3 bin box 240 liters: Suitable for medium-sized households with three bins
    • Dimensions: 2050 x 830 x 1260mm
    • Weight: approx. 250kg
  • 4 bin box 240 liters: Perfect for large households or apartment buildings
    • Dimensions: 2 pieces 1375 x 830 x 1260mm, these can be placed freely or next to each other
    • Weight: approx. 400kg

Colour and design of the stone garbage bin box

mülltonnenbox steinmülltonnenbox stein

Our stone wheelie bin boxes are available in different colours:

  • DB 703: An elegant, dark colour that goes well with modern homes
  • RAL 9006: A bright, timeless colour that blends harmoniously into any garden

The doors of the garbage bin boxes are decorated with a fine real stone composition, which gives each model a unique look.

An overview of the advantages of a stone garbage bin box

A stone garbage bin box offers numerous advantages that will convince you:

  • Aesthetics: The elegant look of the granite and the appealing designs make the garbage bin box a real eye-catcher. 
  • Durability: The materials used, such as granite and steel, are extremely robust and resistant to the effects of the weather.
  • Functionality: The garbage bin boxes offer enough space for all common garbage bins and are easy to handle. 
  • Customisation: With the different sizes, variants and colours, you can optimally adapt the garbage bin box to your needs and taste. 

Easy to use and care for your stone bin box

mülltonnenbox stein

The stone bin boxes are not only visually appealing, but also easy to use:

  • Doors: The doors with the finest real stone composition allow easy access to the garbage bins.
  • Catch loop: An integrated catch loop prevents the doors from opening in the wind.
  • Bottom cut-out: The bottom cut-out makes it easier to pull out the garbage bin and clean the box. 

Caring for your stone bin box is also easy. Thanks to the high-quality materials, the box requires little maintenance and is easy to clean.

Care and maintenance of the stone garbage bin box

The stone garbage bin boxes are very easy to care for and require little maintenance. Here are some help tips:

  1. Cleaning the surface: Clean the surface of your stone garbage bin box regularly with a damp cloth or a gentle jet of water. Be careful not to use aggressive cleaning agents or high-pressure cleaners, as these could damage the material. 
  2. Removing Leaves and Debris: Be sure to remove leaves, dirt and other debris from the box and roof. This will prevent mold or algae from forming, which could attack the material.
  3. Checking the locking mechanism: Regularly check the locking mechanism on your garbage bin box and lubricate it if necessary. A well-functioning locking mechanism helps ensure that the garbage bins remain stowed away safely and neatly. 

By following these simple care and maintenance tips, you will ensure that your stone wheelie bin liner will retain its beauty and functionality for years to come.

Resistance to atmospheric agents and wall thickness

Our stone wheelie bin boxes are designed to withstand wind and weather. The solid wall thickness and the combination of steel and stone ensure stability and durability. In addition, the boxes are resistant to frost, heat and moisture. Here are some points that underline the resilience of our stone wheelie bin boxes:

  • Robust materials: The materials used, such as steel and granite, are of high quality and can withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Frost resistance: Thanks to the granite material used, our garbage bin boxes are frost-resistant and can be left outdoors in winter without any problems.
  • Heat protection: The combination of steel and stone ensures that the boxes keep their shape and do not deform even at high temperatures in summer.

An investment that pays off

The purchase of a stone garbage bin box may seem expensive at first, but the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages:

Durability of materials

The high-quality materials such as steel and granite ensure a long service life for the garbage bin box. Compared to other materials such as wood or plastic, our stone wheelie bin boxes are much more durable and easier to care for. 

Increase in value of your home

A stylish and quality stone bin liner can add value to your home. It gives your outdoor area and garden an elegant and well-groomed appearance, which is positively noticed by potential buyers.

Beautification of your entrance area and garden

With a stone wheelie bin box, you are not only investing in a functional product, but also in a decorative element for your garden. The elegant look and the possibility of individual design, for example by planting or decoration, make the garbage bin box a real eye-catcher. 

Alternative materials: wood, plastic and stainless steel

In addition to our stone garbage bin boxes, we also offer models made of other materials, such as wood and stainless steel. Each material has its own advantages and suits different garden types. Just take a look around our site to find the right model for your garden.

Stone bin box: The sustainable choice

Our boxes not only impress with their attractive appearance, but are also sustainable. They are characterized by durable and environmentally friendly materials such as real granite and steel.

Production in Germany enables short transport routes, reduces CO2 emissions and supports the local economy. If you value sustainability and want to dress up your bins in style, our stone bin box is the perfect choice for your garden.

Instructions: How to build your stone garbage bin box

Assembling your stone garbage bin box is a piece of cake. Just follow our step-by-step guide:

  1. Choose the location for your garbage bin box in the garden or entrance area. 
  2. Prepare the ground: The ground should be level and firm.
  3. Assemble the steel structure according to the instructions provided.
  4. Place the garbage bins in the box.
  5. Assemble the doors with the real stone composition.
  6. Secure the doors with the lanyard.

Ideas for designing your stone bin box

Use your stone bin box as a design element in your garden or entrance area:

  • Plant flowers or herbs in the planter tray on top of the box.
  • Place several bin boxes next to each other or in a row to create a harmonious look.
  • Combine your stone wheelie bin box with matching garden furniture or garden sheds.

If you are looking for more ideas for designing your garden, you will find numerous articles and suggestions on our website.

Conclusion: The stone bin box - an enrichment for your outdoor area

A stone wheelie bin box is the ideal solution for anyone who values ​​aesthetics, functionality and durability. With our stone wheelie bin box you can beautify your garden or entrance area and make a clear statement of style and quality. What are you waiting for? Discover our exclusive stone bin boxes now and let the quality and design convince you.