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care instructions & material information

Congratulations on your product, you have purchased a solid and very robust hand-welded metalwork.

MyMülltonne wheelie bin boxes are corrosion resistant throughout and therefore do not require organic coatings or metallic overlays to improve corrosion resistance and appearance.

However, galvanized and/or powder-coated surfaces should also be given a certain amount of care in order to maintain a good visual appearance and to remove deposits that may impair corrosion resistance.

Regular care and cleaning is required, especially for the hinges, as deposits or rainwater can easily collect there.

For cleaning, we recommend cleaning every six months with WD 40 or a comparable product. Under no circumstances may cleaning additives such as hydrochloric acid, chlorides or hydrocarbons be included.

Iron particles, grinding dust, chips, etc. from work in the area must be removed immediately. They can break through the passive layer of the stainless steel and lead to punctiform signs of corrosion.

In areas with aggressive air (industrial fumes, salty sea air), the surfaces should be cleaned and cared for more frequently. Flash rust must be removed immediately.

Due to the production process, there may initially be signs of corrosion at certain points, e.g. B. by welding (rust film). This is not a reason for complaint and can be removed with WD-40 oil.

So that you can enjoy your garbage can house for a long time, we recommend that you follow these instructions.