Was tun, wenn die Tonnen anfangen zu muffeln?

What to do when the bins start to stink?

What to do when the barrels start to smell?

7. Tips against smelly garbage cans:

1. Empty trash cans frequently

Organic waste should be taken outside every day or two. Food waste is best collected in a small bucket. It fills up very quickly. Emptying it frequently is cumbersome, but the best strategy against bad smells. Residual and light packaging waste should always be kept closed.

2. Wrap leftover food in newspaper

The decomposition processes in organic waste are also deprived of nourishment by depriving them of moisture. We recommend wrapping leftover food in newspaper. This is one of the most effective methods against unwanted odors.

3. Wash out the trash can instead of using deodorant

The use of chemical agents such as deodorants or scented bags does not stop. It is best to fill the bin thoroughly with boiling water and use certain cleaning agents or household items.

4. Eliminate odors with baking soda

Alternatively, generously pour the sodium hydrogen carbonate, also known as baking soda, onto the bottom of the container, leave it for a few days and then wash it out. This absorbs the odors very effectively.

5. Fight stench with vinegar, charcoal, coffee powder

Other odor killers include crushed charcoal or ground coffee. You can tackle the stench even more intensively with vinegar: two cups are enough to unscrew the large barrels. In an emergency, bleach would be used. You have to be careful with that, choose a sunny day and work in the fresh air. Also, one must wear gloves for protection.

6. Bleach is effective against the odors

You add three cups of bleach to four liters of water and stir the mixture with a long-handled brush, such as a toilet brush purchased for the purpose. You let that work for an hour. Then the inside including the lid is scrubbed. Then the open bucket with the lid open is placed in the sun to dry.

And so even a garbage can can smell fresh.

Text by Khanitta Inmarong

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