Lärche oder Thermkiefer

Larch or thermal pine?

The question of which wood rhombus strips for your My garbage can meets wood garbage can cladding is primarily a question of taste.
The following are a few basic facts about the two types of wood.
Larch: juicy wood-colored on delivery, slight yellow tinge, later graying this is desirable for larch and creates the necessary patina to protect the wood.
Thermal pine: warm brown tone on delivery, later natural graying, this also creates the necessary patina to protect the wood.
For both types of wood, you want to retain the color for as long as possible, so if the graying of the wood is to be delayed, this must
Wood must be cared for accordingly.
The resistance classes (indicate their resistance to fungi and other wood-destroying organisms, particularly relevant for terrace and balcony floorboards, since mechanical stress takes place here. When installed as a door element in our garbage can boxes, these are used only as a decorative element and do not have to withstand any force etc.) and according to DIN EN 350-2 of both woods are as follows:
Larch: resistance class 3
Thermal pine: resistance class 2
Indicate the type of wood you want in the note when ordering.
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