Wie beeinflusst die Rohstoffkrise "My Mülltonne"?

How does the commodity crisis affect "My Garbage Can"?

Will the raw materials crisis come after Corona?

That is a question that many companies from different industries ask themselves.

Many companies, including "My Mülltonne", are currently suffering from the massive increase in the purchase prices of raw materials.

The price of wood has risen by around 22% within a year, steel and zinc are becoming scarce. This leads to high prices worldwide, longer delivery times and, of course, lower availability.

Large companies as well as smaller companies are confronted with these consequences. "My garbage can" too, of course!

Nevertheless, we are trying to absorb the burden of the crisis as best we can and to keep it low for our customers.

There is still a great deal of inquiry and interest in our products .

That's why the whole My Mülltonnen team works every day to satisfy our customers in the best possible way!

We hope for a better time for businesses worldwide , and will try to accommodate your wishes !

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