My Mülltonne in Stuttgart

My garbage can in Stuttgart

This great customer picture reached us from the Stuttgart area.

A beautiful example of how beautifully garbage and garbage can boxes in particular can be hidden.

The planting of the My Mülltonne plant tub can be done according to personal taste.

We recommend proceeding as follows: It is best to cover the bottom of the planting tray with a water-permeable fleece. It is advisable to spread slightly larger pebbles on the bottom of the tub, this serves as drainage.

Only now should they pour out the earth. There are basically no limits to the planting, but so-called "flat roots" and self-sufficient plants that can grow nicely without watering are ideal.

The MyMülltonne garbage can boxes with the additional plant tub are not only a particularly beautiful eye-catcher in front of the house, you can let your creativity and individuality run free.

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