Store wood correctly in My Mülltonne premium wooden shelters

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What would winter be without an open fire?

When it's really snowing outside and the thermometer shows below 0, you can sit comfortably in front of the fireplace and enjoy the warmth of the open fire with a glass of wine.

Just the sight and the crackling of the wood relaxes body and soul.

The ideal firewood

How long, how effectively and how impressively the fire burns in a stove depends very much on the firewood that is used for the stove.

Only properly seasoned wood burns well.

Wood that is too fresh still contains moisture and therefore produces too much smoke.

Storage wood loses its calorific value.

Firewood should be stored as dry and airy as possible. Ideally on an air-permeable surface in a covered, rainproof shelter.

My Dustbin Wooden Shelter

Our "Premium Wooden Shelter" meets these requirements.

Covered and optionally with or without rear panel, according to your wishes.

Your perfect partner to store wood properly and enjoy the winter!!

MyMülltonne Premium Holzunterstand, Kaminholzregal


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